A BBC2 serialisation

of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel

Starring Sorcha Cusack as Jane and Michael Jayston as Mr. Rochester. Directed by Joan Craft. First aired on BBC2 in September 1973 in five parts.


Set in the mid-19th century England, the moving story of an unwanted orphan girl; of her spirited fight against adversity and her search for love and happiness in a harsh class-ridden society.

A Tribute

This website is devoted to providing information about the 1973 production of Jane Eyre. Often claimed as one of the most faithful adaptations, this site is a celebration of the work.


"As its heroine, Sorcha Cusack makes an uncommonly strong, yet reserved, Jane. She is not pretty but has a quiet beauty enhanced by a slight smile and an expression that is attractively quizzical. Her soft voice supplies bridging text from the book between scenes. Michael Jayston is craggily handsome and strong and more theatrical in his portrayal of Rochester, the imperious, troubled master whose service she enters and whose heart she captures."
-Richard F. Shepard - New York Times, 1982

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