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21 March 2016:Transmission information with the original air date and time, as well as the official episode synopsis has been added to the site here.

19 March 2016:The website was redesigned

26 November 2014: Sorcha Cusack was kind enough to answer some questions about her time filming Jane Eyre and her answers have been added to the bottom of the Publicity page.

8 July 2011: J Pedro updated and edited his transcript for Jane Eyre and I have updated the transcript on the site. Thanks J Pedro!

1 May 2011: Added two more flubs to the Trivia section. Thanks to J. Pedro for spotting another visible microphone!

24 January 2011: Finally finished awardspace website- though it's still rough around the edges. New pictures in the Stills folder of the gallery. Also full audio of each episode is available to download from the Multimedia page.

4 October 2010: Website moved and redesigned to new webhost- more updates to follow.

25 November 2005: Started creating this site (on bravehost.com- previous and original incarnation on geocities)

1 November 2005: Received an email from the head of programming for Acorn Media that Jane Eyre '73 will be released on DVD sometime next year.